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14 feb 2024

Wish wish a lots of Love to all site visitors!


24 dec 2023
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to holiday home owners and those who just visiting our fantastic City of Scalea!


15 may 2023
Motoraduno in Scalea

Motoraduno — the Biker’s festival will take place in Scalea 26–28 May 2022


10 feb 2023
Street carnival

Carnival will take place in Scalea 14–16 February 2023


25 aug 2022
Live music dinner

Every Monday in September at Pizzeria la Piazzetta in center of Scalea, at the walking street


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Re: Remote rentals advice needed

Remote rentals advice needed
Пользователь: Syphon (IP записан)
Дата: 25 Январь 2021 16:04

Looking for advice with regards to remote rentals. During past years we have rented our leasehold flat in S. maria del Cedro to freeholder Giuseppe Mingrone in return of ground rent for July and August. It was Ok previously but we are not happy how it been handled in 2020. Some items went missing and not replaced and ground rent which was supposed to be refunded to us by the end of September 2020 still not paid. Because of this we are looking for another company who can handle our rentals on same or similar conditions. Any recommendations?

Re: Remote rentals advice needed
Пользователь: st.patrick (IP записан)
Дата: 29 Январь 2021 18:32

we have similar interest. following.

Re: Remote rentals advice needed
Пользователь: The Jonses (IP записан)
Дата: 02 Февраль 2021 23:24

We have also had the same problem with items being taken and ground rent not being refunded as per the contract. We’re absolutely fed up with it. As if this last 12 months haven’t been miserable enough!

Re: Remote rentals advice needed
Пользователь: admin (IP записан)
Дата: 07 Февраль 2021 17:30

Please note, we are aware of the situation and trying to resolve it with freeholder Giuseppe Mingrone who collected rent for July and August 2020 and did not pay to leaseholders.
All properties were given by leaseholders to Giuseppe for July and August who then gave them for rent to our company for July and Giuseppe operated rentals in August 2020 himself. We have paid all rent to Giuseppe for July 2020 on 08 August 2020 and have proof of that. We know that rentals in season 2020 went very well and we do not know why Giuseppe did not pay rent to leaseholders.

To avoid this in the future we now will be offering to rent your apartments for July and August 2021 only through our rental department for both month and we’ll pay rent for July and August (equal to your yearly ground rent) directly to you.

To rent your properties please contact:
italyHolidayLet @
Tel, Viber:
+44 7946 150 392
Tel, WhatsApp
+39 3935 686872
we speak English, Italiano, Русский

Редактировано 2 раз. Последний раз 28.02.2021 14:04.

Re: Remote rentals advice needed
Пользователь: st.patrick (IP записан)
Дата: 28 Февраль 2021 13:58

thank you, we might as well do that because giuseppe is not reliable with refunds at all. we received bill for 2021–22 years maintenance almost 4 month ahead of schedule with ground rent amount taken out of it. we expected transfer or ground rent in september 2020 as promised. we have spoken with few neighbors, seems no one received any money from giuseppe. we shall never rent out our property to him.

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