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14 feb 2024

Wish wish a lots of Love to all site visitors!


24 dec 2023
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to holiday home owners and those who just visiting our fantastic City of Scalea!


15 may 2023
Motoraduno in Scalea

Motoraduno — the Biker’s festival will take place in Scalea 26–28 May 2022


10 feb 2023
Street carnival

Carnival will take place in Scalea 14–16 February 2023


25 aug 2022
Live music dinner

Every Monday in September at Pizzeria la Piazzetta in center of Scalea, at the walking street


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Re: Facebook marketplace pages

Facebook marketplace pages
Пользователь: Trace (IP записан)
Дата: 02 Июль 2022 08:26

I’m wanting to know if there are any Facebook market place pages for Scalea? If so could I please know the name of it, so I can request it.
Thanks Trace

Re: Facebook marketplace pages
Пользователь: Brits (IP записан)
Дата: 14 Январь 2023 13:03

Yes, there is, just put your location as Scalea on facebook

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